Satan looking innocent

Welcome to Satan's Place

Satan (a.k.a. Calvin Clyde) was the demon cat that possessed our home for many years. He looked sweet and innocent, but his charm fooled you. He was true evil. Let me tell you our sad tale.

It started several years ago when my sister was seduced by him at the city pound. Of course, like all demons, his true origins remain a mystery. But when she saw him there, she was immediately beguiled and forced to take him home with her.

At the time she was living in a college dormitory that allowed pets and already had a cat. She tried to relieve herself of his evil influence by giving the demon to her boyfriend. But the demon terrorized and tormented the poor soul until he could take no more. Among the evil curses imposed were; urinating on his school work, his records, his bed, and his bean-bag chair, as well as biting and scratching him, and destroying his belongings. Satan returned to possess my sister's apartment until she was forced to leave the country to escape him.

Preying on another defenseless soul, Satan then moved into my mother's house. My father is terribly allergic to animals and tried to resist (for his own health) but the demon's powers were too strong and she could not be dissuaded. Two disciples were not enough to satisfy him: so the demon cursed my life and career until I too was forced to return home and dwell in his house.

After several years of suffering, I was finally able to escape when his powers were weak. I traveled hundreds of miles to escape his influence. And finally I was free. It has been difficult, not to return home to my family and friends, but I have persevered.

I have learned recently that the evil has finally left our home. Doctors claim to have witnessed his doom. But I don't believe them. I'm sure it is just a trap to lure me back into his circle of doom.

How can one recognize a demon?

What did he do that was so evil ?

How can you protect yourself ?

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© 1999
Stefan Oestreicher
Updated 25 Oct 2009