How can one recognize a demon?

Exhibit A - He worshiped fire.

Here he is in front of the Kerosene heater in the kitchen. Notice his stance as if kneeling before an alter. He has also has been found in front of the fireplace: but no one has survived trying to take a picture of that ceremony. It may have more religious significance.

Exhibit B - He Didn't Sleep Like a Cat

Cats sleep curled up in a ball - A Demon doesn't.

satan sleeping 2

B-1 Notice the head on pillow, body on bed.

Exhibit B-2

B-2 Again, notice the uncatlike posture.

Exhibit C - Cats are Small and Cuddly

The Demon was almost twenty pounds of teeth and sharp claws. He NEVER wants to be held or picked up. And when children are around, you can be sure the Demon cat wouldn't be.

What did he do that was so evil ?

How can you protect yourself ?

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Stefan Oestreicher
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