Prom Night at the EARL

May 5, 2001

By Stefan

The Punk Rock Prom at the E.A.R.L. with The Helgas and Catfight! and the Nowhere Squares. Needless to say, people got drunk at stupid. But we all had a good time.

The Prom flyer

The Nowhere Squares play the E.A.R.L. 2001
The Nowhere Squares open
Jennifer Kraft of Catfight, Punk Prom 2001
Jennifer of Catfight!
Katy of Catfight, Punk Prom 2001
Katy of Catfight!
Susanne of Catfight! as Carrie
Susanne of Catfight! as Carrie

Renita and Scooter

John and date

Joe and his Entourage

The King and Queen

A Happy Couple

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