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Amanda Jones plays Dottie's

October 16, 1999

Pictures and concert review by Stefan

With the Bevin Davis, the drummer from Madfly filling in, Amanda Jones played Dottie's Tavern in downtown Atlanta. The girls made the best of a bad situation. On the plus side, Dotties has cheap beer and pool tables.

Kristen was still out nursing a mysterious arm problem.

AJ plays Dottie's

Set up more like playing your uncle's living room that a concert venue, the bar has a few tables and chairs. The stage consists of a platform only a few inches tall, so you can slide your chair right up to the stage. The low ceilings keep the sound very loud and right in your face. Don't even think about dancing!

Teresa 1 Teresa 2 Teresa 3

Teresa Anderson - Playing guitar, singing like an angel, and looking beautiful!

Carrie 1 Carrie 2 Carrie 3

Carrie Morris - Showin' skin and looking hot in her cowboy hat

Bevin 1 Bevin 2 Bevin 3

Bevin Davis - pounding the skins. How bad can it be to play in a band with three beautiful women?

Vickie 1 Vickie Dahlgren - rockin on her bass guitar
Vickie 2 Vickie thinking, "I needed that, I'll be glad to get out of here"

There are numerous reasons why I don't like Dottie's: The parking lot is scary, the neighborhood is scary, the place is small and dirty, but mostly I hate the bad sound quality. As soon as you walk in you realize this is more like a basement rehearsal room that an actual music venue. There's almost no room to stand up, let alone play to a crowd and the small venue just sounds awful. But if you're just there for cold beer, and you haven't been in a bar fight in a while, maybe you should stop on by.

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